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Inspiration For Today January 2023

January 1
Thanksgiving: remember to thank the Lord for all He has done

January 2
Remember to thank the Lord for the things you expect Him to do

January 3
There are always reasons to be thankful

January 4
Be grateful for the little things of life too

January 5
It pays to be Godly

January 6
Remember to honour the Lord with your givings

January 7
There are so many things to thank God for

January 8
Have you heard about the gratitude list

January 9
Well you can always make a note of the things to thank God for

January 10
Remember to be diligent in the things you do

January 11
Have you spoken over the year

January 12
Don’t be haughty

January 13
There is always something to like about a person

January 14
There is always something to be thankful for

January 15
In all you do, let your heart be right before God and before man

January 16
Speak good over yourself

January 17
Remember to give to the needy

January 18
It pays to be good remember

January 19
Remember to have a relationship with God this year and onwards

January 20
A stitch in time saves nine

January 21
Live a life pleasing to the Lord

January 22
Let your life be pleasing to the Lord God Almighty, that is what matters most

January 23
Align yourself to the Lord

January 24
Find that which God wants for your life; it never that far fetched

January 25
If you are patient enough to pay the price to press into God to find that which He wants for your life, definitely you will find it

January 26
Honour the Lord with your lifestyle

January 27
Remember whatever is noble

January 28
Great is the Lord

January 29
Great are the ways of the Lord

January 30
Have you spent time today thinking about the goodness of the Lord

January 31 God loves you


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