Do you dare to trust God

Let’s talk about what trusting God looks like

Trusting God is like putting all your eggs in God’s basket
Like, God I know you have got my back; believing unweaveringly in your heart that He as got your back, even if you can’t feel it or see it

Well you don’t always have to see it first before you believe – just as you will trust a friend

In this case, it is God who you cannot see, or touch, who is there although invisible

There are people who find it difficult trusting God, due to one situation or circumstance –
That is a bait from the enemy

Don’t swallow it, don’t let it make you think you can’t trust God

Remember there are people who have passed through that before you

Remember the crowd of witnesses who went through that before you

Remember the light affliction produces an eternal weight of glory


That situation, that circumstance is called light affliction; let me tell you more:

If you want to come out of it standing tall and strong, you have to go through that by God’s strength not by your own strength

Don’t forget
By strength shall no man prevail, to prevail, it by God’s strength

Sometimes it is a time to bond through with God,
Like coming closer to God irrespective of what the situation detects or suggests

This because they have learnt to trust God

When you put your trust in God, you find out that God is all that matters – having His fellowship, keeping to His principles, statuses, obedience to Him

You realise it is all of you for Him

Experience Life Abundance In Christ

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