Do you dare to trust God

Can you trust God?

Hi there!
How has it been at your side?
Well, let us talk about the topic; Do you dare to trust God

Well, often you can find yourself let go of your trust in God when things get tough, forgeting it is not of him that wills to do, or him that runs to do, it is always of God who; the Spirit of God who shows mercy

There are reasons to trust God;

When you always have to run with out God, you can loose strength in the way because you get exhausted running by your own strength


Even when you are running with God, you can loose strength, and will always need God’s strength to get energised

I bet you know that His presence; dwelling in His presence can get you energised to go through any situation, this means you are running not by your strength but by His strength

When you find yourself in trying times, you need the trust in God factor, yes!
You need to trust God

Irrespective of what situation you find yourself, dare to trust God
That in impossible situation, trust God with it and let Him protect and direct your steps

Sometimes out of the trying situations, if you trust God enough, He can make a wonder out of that situation

Imagine what it would have been if Abraham did not dare to trust God, would he have received from God the child Issac

What about Job, if he had not dared to trust God;

So can you dare to trust God
Yes you can

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