Genuine Relationship: How To Have One

How To Take The Headache Out Of Your Relationship



How badly do you want to get that aching situation out of your relationship


I am also talking about the quality of your friendship with same sex and opposite sex




You know the ways you treat people also robs off on you



Don’t get me wrong, if you always treat people right and then they always treat you wrongly – don’t get freaked out the good you did will come back to you in another way



Think twice to know clearly if you are in the right relationship – the right kind is friendship –


Check to see if you are right at the position you are placed,

You will not have to place your self higher than you are placed




What I am sharing with you are secrets that will work over and over again if applied



What is your attitude towards relating with people


Here is a general rule: What you give Returns to You



If you are always out to take advantage of someone else, you will be getting that back in return



You owe yourself to be knowledgeable enough


Do not come off as a dummy


Even as playing smart on someone else




When you come off as genuine it will not only affect the way you relate with others

It will affect positively the way others relate with you and your overall out look on life





Like I said if people in your life are not genuine to you

Remember: You have to be genuine to yourself first


You wouldn’t have to hurt yourself because you will have to love yourself well enough to know the right move to make – knowing when to back off and what to do



Trust they say plays a huge role

Trust yourself enough

Trust your partner not more than not less than: not less than





Reminder: Be on the same page with your partner it is very crucial you have this at the back of your mind



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Due to the hassles of life, there is always that tendency to run off with what has been rubbed on you


You also have the choice to do it right


When I came across this book, a lot came to mind

I am glad to find out I don’t have to get to the painful before I know when call it a day, irrespective of what kind of relationship it is,

As if I don’t care and love myself well enough, I won’t be able to give the care and love adequately to another


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