See Beyond Your Circumstances


The secret to Overcoming

Would you like to know the secret of overcoming at just one touch


Becoming an overcomer is very easy once you know how to


Give me a few seconds, and I will show you how to

It doesn’t matter whether you are at the baby stage of Christain life or at the adult stage of Christain life – You have potent in you the ability to overcome any situation irrespective of how ugly or perhaps how tempting


It is amazing to know and always have in your concious mind that you have the measure of faith He has given you


If you have been struck by a challenge
If you have found yourself struggling to get our is the rot
If yoy have found yourself in an endless circle going down the lane you are just sick and tired off
If you have found your wishing to make that change and not finding the courage to do so


Then this is just for you


Take a while and picture yourself coming out of that – How good it feels, the joy you feel in your spirit man – the over flowing happiness


You finally arrive to the place where you make the difference – the desired change you have been longing for


Then you know He didn’t leave you like a sheep without flock – He made you His own right from the very beginning


I will show you were that power lies within you in: See Beyond Your Circumstances


You don’t have to let go of your good struggles – dashing into the mixture of the good and bad


The bad in the good will bring just about God’s help if you seek God in the midst of that challenge

When the good is about to bring our the light you seek,
Or make you bear the seed of the good and bad – a short lived good which can bring you disaster


It gets down to one point: ” How badly do you desire the good that you choose to go about it the right way?”


There is a way that seems right but it leads to destruction

You will win the good fight when you have Jesus Christ as your over all example knowing conciously He is the author, perfector and finisher of your faith

He is the only person who wants to help you see you take the right steps and have you overcome the situation

He is just at the door knocking only I’d you open the door to Him and see that He has all goodies for you


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