Strength In Temptation And Crises

What if I told you, you know how to have Strength in Temptation and Crises Now I’m Revealing The Secret

Can you imagine what it would be like if you knew how to take on any Temptation or Crises that came your way
You will have the power of your genie activated


Life can sometimes hit you so hard that you wonder; “what have I gotten myself into?” unknown to you that the power to overcome lies within you


I am going to show you how -Handling situations of life is not supposed to be difficult
It will come off difficult if you don’t know how to, putting you in a compromising situation -There is a way to go about them and come out with “more than a conqueror” status – yeah – through Christ Jesus who strengthens you

He did not leave you in the world Without hope like a sheep without a Shepard
He left you in the care of the ADVOCATE, the Power of His Name – that at the mention of His name every knee shall bow

I bet you will like to know how much strength you have at work in you
Knowing this will make you work through situations knowing who you believe – By whose Strength you are saved –


I discovered that by His strength at work in me I could handle storms – temptation or crises that came my way
Pushing through to the finishing point


I came out strong – renewed – strengthened –
I didn’t have to throw in the towel
I found out I could survive it

You will find out how and how easy it can be when you go by His Strength
In Strength in Temptation and Crises

It comes in a 3 in one pack

You could easily listen to an mp3 track over and over again, taking note of every bit of detail disclosed as you will gain so much with so little effort

You can take sometimes when relaxing to read and take note of the life-transforming information shared from years of many experiences and researches

I will go ahead and tell you only 3 benefits you will gain when you get your copy of Strength in Temptation and Crises

Benefit 1#
What you fill your mind with is of importance – when you fill your mind with the word of God, you have some strong pillars to carry you through

Benefit 2#
Replacing God with someone else or something else is a “NO”, “NO” it throws stumps on your way
Truly God is irreplaceable

Benefit 3#
There is the staying power of God which requires you wait on God
Do things His way You will come out with a better result than you should have had

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