God has dominion over all things

Hi there!

How has it been with you,
I bet you know there are 2 more months before 2020 becomes a wrap
Hope you made the most of 2020,

Well, if you didn’t
There is grace to do more
Just ask of God

Today let’s talk about dominion – God’s dominion

Sometimes you can find yourself looking at situations, only wishing they could change; meanwhile God gave you the dominion over everything He made

Do you know what God made you to be

Do you know what power wells in you

Do you know God created you to be a little lower than Him
The center of His attention
The apex of His creation; except for sin

Here is what Psalms 145:13 says; “Thy kingdom [is] an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion [endureth] throughout all generations.”

When God gave you dominion, it is because He has it all; the everlasting Kingdom, dominion over all things through all generations

Christ Jesus warned you about the scorpions and serpents, telling you; you will trample upon them and nothing shall by any means you

Apostle Paul told you, who the real enemies are; the spiritual wickedness, cosmic powers, the dark forces and co and asked you to put on the whole amour of God (they are all listed in Ephesians 6 also; how to use them)

If you do not take up the dominion mandate given to you by God, you will not be able to do these effectively -without taking your stand in the place of dominion

Wait a minute; God created all things and asked you to have dominion over them; He asked you to increase and multiply

That power lies within you, use it to bring down the evil forces, the spiritual wickedness in high places, the cosmic forces, etc that trouble you

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