God’s presence

How are you doing

Let’s get it going

Dwelling in His presence is one beautiful thing that can happen to you



Well His presence is the lasting solution to all your problems

Guess what God is always there for you

The reason most problems or some problems don’t go away is because you are not dwelling in His presence

Dwell; like living there
Spending long hours time, being in touch with God always
Having Him take part in your day to day activities

Well His presence gives you peace of mind

Even in your mind, you have to yield to Him, like hand your mind over to Him

That way it will be easy for you to think of God and the things of God the right way

God is everywhere

Remember you cannot do without Him
There is a level you will
get to, you will need Him

To stay in His presence, you have to be aware of His presence

To do this right, you have to make out time for Him, just for Him as you would make for someone you care about

You can take some time to place your thoughts on God, like: think of Him just Him alone

Take away your thoughts from your problems
Take away your thoughts from what maybe troubling you at that moment
Take away your thoughts from your needs and wants
Take away you thoughts from everything else in your active thinking

Stay focused on Him alone

Practice this often, it is a beautiful experience

Remember God loves you, yes you
Spend some time to think about the above phrase “God loves you”

God’s presence

He wants you to be fruitful

Experience Life Abundance In Christ

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