Importance of His presence

Do you feel presence of God

Let me start first by saying what is meant here is sensing the presence of God by way of discernment and discerning of Spirit

It is only the Spirit of God that can make you know the presence of God, not the music you listen or the emotions you feel, although if it pleases God at that point
He can use them as a sign in addition to the 3 primary signs of Him or anything that partains God; righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost

The problem here is you may not be able to know His presence

Here is what to do if you want to start knowing and keep knowing His presence;

Spend time on the word of God, yes; the very word of God you know which is; the Bible

Read it
Pray it
Speak it
Think about it
Have it at the back of your mind
Eat it, let it be your food
Drink it, let it be the water you drink
Let it be everything

All these, not by your strength, but by the help of the Spirit of God

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you

As you do these constantly, you will gradually begin to know when it is God, when it is what looks like God, when it is what looks like it is not God, when it is not God

It is in His presence you get it all

Well there is more to His presence

His presence is the reason for your success
Sometimes you lose it because you are outside what God wants you to do
It is more about your obedience and alignment to God, in what God wants you to do
That is what will bring the presence of God in and to you

Don’t do your own thing, do God’s thing the way God wants you to, not your own way
Even if you don’t like it,
It is in doing it that the blessings will come,
It is in doing it that the reward will come

What guarantees success is following God in obedience and alignment to Him (God)
You have to understand He is the reason for the purpose, effectiveness, the meaning

Experience Life Abundance In Christ

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