My Soul Find Rest In God


Its been awhile.



Let's talk

Let’s talk; about:
My soul find rest.

Just like mentioned

Sometimes things can go rough

And you find yourself asking


What is all these

What have I done wrong to deserve these

Listen to what the Bible says:

"Many are the afflictions of the 
but the Lord delivers him or her 
from them all"


Do not let situations crush you down! be strong

Say to yourself;

"My soul find rest there 
is nothing the Lord cannot do"
Psalm 27: 13; "I had fainted, 
unless I had believed to see 
the goodness of the LORD in the 
land of the living"

Irrespective of what you are passing through say to yourself

My soul find rest in God

Believe within you that’s you will see the goodness of the Lord

That is real hope in God, not in the beauty of life but in the power of God
Have your faith, deeply rooted in God

Do not let anything take away from you that firm believe, that’s God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask or think of

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my soul find rest in God

Experience Life Abundance In Christ