The water of life

The living water is yours for taking I bet you know John 7:38; “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of…Continue readingThe water of life

I am the water of life

I bet you know who owns the statement; “Jesus Christ” Don’t be parched when there is someone who can give you a well of water that springs into eternal life…Continue readingI am the water of life

Rivers of living water

This is for those who thirst, if you thirst come that is the condition Well as you get to know God, He blesses you, He answers your prayers according to…Continue readingRivers of living water

Jesus the living water that satisfies

There is something Jesus Christ can give to you which no one can give to you There is a longing in every man which only Jesus Christ can fill This…Continue readingJesus the living water that satisfies

What is the water of life

The water had the potential to alter life –It must be the water of life Do you know that river Psalm 46:4; “There is a river whose streams shall make…Continue readingWhat is the water of life

But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst

Hi there! What’s up with you Okay, Today let’s talk about the living water Once upon a time in the Bible, Jesus Christ told a certain woman that He had…Continue readingBut whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst

How victory belongs to Jesus

Here it is about the finished work of Christ That He has paid the dept You are no longer slave to sin or anything that has you bound Yes times…Continue readingHow victory belongs to Jesus

Can victory belong to Jesus

That question is not coming from youIs it? Yes The victory of Jesus can belong to youHe is Lord over all He has given you the victory I ask, don’t…Continue readingCan victory belong to Jesus

Yes indeed, victory belongs to Jesus

He is the one through whom you have the victoryAnd in you having the victory, God is glorified This is how it goes, Christ Jesus being master over all principalities…Continue readingYes indeed, victory belongs to Jesus

What victory belongs to Jesus

You may ask what victory belongs to Jesus;AllAll victory: In victory in all works of life; the spirit realm, the waking life, your job, your school, your finances, your education,…Continue readingWhat victory belongs to Jesus