Can victory belong to Jesus

That question is not coming from youIs it? Yes The victory of Jesus can belong to youHe is Lord over all He has given you the victory I ask, don’t…Continue readingCan victory belong to Jesus

Yes indeed, victory belongs to Jesus

He is the one through whom you have the victoryAnd in you having the victory, God is glorified This is how it goes, Christ Jesus being master over all principalities…Continue readingYes indeed, victory belongs to Jesus

What victory belongs to Jesus

You may ask what victory belongs to Jesus;AllAll victory: In victory in all works of life; the spirit realm, the waking life, your job, your school, your finances, your education,…Continue readingWhat victory belongs to Jesus

For victory belongs to Jesus

For victory belongs to Jesus Look He has given you the victory; the victory you have through Christ The victory has a way of flowing; from God Almighty, through Christ…Continue readingFor victory belongs to Jesus

Your victory belongs to Jesus

Hi there! Life bugs you with so many challenges at times and you may be left wondering; How did it all begin?Whem will it end? Well the answer is not…Continue readingYour victory belongs to Jesus

Focus on His presence

Where ever there was the presence of God good things happened, nations got better, peoples situation changed for the better You have to crave for His presence;Remember it is those…Continue readingFocus on His presence

Do you want to host His presence

Benefits of His presence are just so much more than you can ever think or ask for Let’s talk more about the benefits of the  presence of God There is…Continue readingDo you want to host His presence

In His presence there is fullness of Joy

There are wonders that happen because of His presence The presence of God is one wonderful thing that can happen to you I bet you knowIn His presence there is…Continue readingIn His presence there is fullness of Joy

Importance of His presence

Do you feel presence of God Let me start first by saying what is meant here is sensing the presence of God by way of discernment and discerning of Spirit…Continue readingImportance of His presence

The power of His presence

There are signs of His presence, do you know that Yes there are visible and invisible signs of His presence First; let me tell you that His presence is powerful…Continue readingThe power of His presence