Power Of Dominion

One thing about dominion is that if you choose to work in sin or by transgression you will not get it right

Power of dominion

Not because you have not spoken God’s word over the situation, but because sins, transgressions and the rest create a barrier which will cause a hindrance

Do not forget, it is God’s word you speak over situations not your words

You can personalize God’s word; as in where there is ‘you shall’ you use “I will or I shall”

Look out for where you have will or shall and claim the promises of God

Personalize it and see yourself in the picture

Well you can not really interpret the word of God without the Spirit of God interpreting and teaching you

Only then can you understand what the word of God says and then tap into the power of God in it

As you let go of sins, transgressions, and then choose to live the the righteousness of Christ Jesus, the Spirit of God comes in, you will have the dominion power God has given you come on, even effectively at work in all you do

Psalms 119:133; "Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me."

I bet you know how you will let go of sin, leave in righteousness;

let the Holy Spirit lead you and direct you

By this, you will always work in dominion

Power of Dominion

Experience Life Abundance In Christ

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