The few who dare to trust God

You may ask, why must I trust God
The few who dare to trust God mp3

Well there are the few who dared to trust God in trying times,
I bet you know, God didn’t abandon them

What matters is that you trust God in the right direction, not as you choose or as pleases you

God goes about doing what He wills and His purposes, so if you are busy doing something different from what God wants, you are not doing well

Don’t worry if you find it difficult trusting God
There are ways to trust God
You can start from little things that don’t matter eveniftou don’t see the results right away

Just like plants, some grow and sprout immediately, while some others take time
Which ever God will be there right on time

Let’s start from the Bible times

If Mary the mother of Jesus Christ did not trust God, do you think she would have given birth to our Lord Jesus Christ

What about Job, if he had not trusted God, after what happened, refused to give up on God, do you think he would have received a double portion of what he lost

Well, I am only getting you to that it is important trusting God, when you work with Him, when you agree with Him

If you are trusting God in what is outside His will and purpose, or in an different direction from what He is doing, you will be disappointed at the end, because you are directly or indirectly going against what God is doing

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