The power of His presence

There are signs of His presence, do you know that

Yes there are visible and invisible signs of His presence

First; let me tell you that His presence is powerful

God’s presence is powerful such that it commands some things to happen

Wherever God is, the Spirit of God will be there, the work of Christ Jesus will be there too;

You will notice healing; people get healed of ailments
The healing goes beyond phisical healing to emotional, spiritual or psychological healing and more

Restorations; restoration of things lost, stolen or destroyed

That is because He has got all the power
Give Him all the glory

You will be at liberty; In the presence of God their is liberty, there is fullness of joy

Sometimes you will notice people burst out in tongues because of His presence

Where ever there is God’s presence, favours will break forth, good will be happening there; breakthroughs and much more

God works in various ways

Have you noticed that sometimes, during prayers, people tend to fall down; you can fall down at any point, especially when God’s presence is mighty in that place

You can also experience supernatural visitations marked by righteousness,peace, joy in the Holy Ghost, which makes you to fear God reverentially even more
All, bringing you to know God more

God’s presence is not far away
If you seek it, you will find it
Not in your terms, in God’s terms
Do it as God wants you to do it, nothing less, nothing more
In doing this, you will find all that you could ever want just in the right way

Experience Life Abundance In Christ

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